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ScottEst OÜ 14270105
KM reg nr: EE101977935
LHV pank EE547700771004456439
Kotzebue 20-37, 10411 Tallinn
(+372) 56460411, Eike Urke

We try to respond quickly within 24 hours. 


Most likely it will be I who responds to you. My name is Eike and I have been involved in the Scottish theme for the last 20 years.  Since 2005 I have arranged Scottish Ceilidhs  in Estonia (keili in Estonian) and since 2009 I have been at the head of Scottish Culture Society of Estonia ( Eesti Šoti Kultuuriselts). In addition to it I teach Swedish and try to make my everyday choices as sustainable (to the body as well as to the world) as possible. 

Eike pilt
Eike Urke/ photo: Terje Lepp/Eesti Päevaleht